Dr Scott Connelly - Dr. SCOTT most knowledgeable i dealt with

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Very pleased with Dr.scott most careing and knowledgeable Dr.

i ever dealt with.I read everything on here about him and was scared to get him, but guess who i got when i had a very hard tooth to get pulled out. Thats right Dr. Scott so all this stuff on here about him is a bunch of bull. I'd wouldnt want anybody else but him.

I also dealt with Dr. Terry very nice and his assistant candy also very nice. Drove from florida 8 hr. drive.

Highly recommend Dr. Scott, Dr. Terry,and assistant Candy and Sexton in s.c. Florence.Pat the receptionist was very helpful up stairs.I personally dont believe cant believe what people say about this place.

The whole place was very nice. Every employee in there was very helpfull.You go to different departments but they have you moving very organized sexton dental clinic.

If you have any questions please contact me at steve212802@aol.com Saved a lot of time and money going to this place, and hate to say it but had a great time at the dentist office, not like the dentist i went to in florida and n.y.Going back again to finish work worth the drive.

Dr Scott Connelly - Dr. Scott Connelly botched my Abortion

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Recently, I read that Dr. Scott Connelly had a new company called BodyRx.

18 years ago, he was business partners with Paxton Beale. I was young and went for an abortion at the only place I could afford.

At my first visit I met Dr. Scott Connelly who claimed to be the medical director and some old man in bright colored lycra pants named Pax Beale.

I agreed to the procedure and at 16 had an abortion. The procedure went to bad I was forced to have a hysterectomy. I filed a complaint against Dr. Connelly and the clinic operator Pax Beale. I was not alone as 2 other women had the same issue.

I am pissed because now I see these two selling protein powders and nutrition bars. They runied my life and have reinvented themselves as sports nutrition gurus.

Review about: Bodyrx.



Dear Boo Hoo,

Or should I say Pax Beale? The people whom you slaughtered in your clinic both patients and the babies they carried, did not as did I, deserve to be maimed due to you hiring unlicensed practitioners to perfrom the abortions.

The scam that you ran along with

Dr. Scott Connelly, Dr. King, Dr. Paul Arciero was wrong.

Preying on the poor who chose you for price and young teenagers is also horrendous.

Perhaps this is why you have had so many health problems and your old accomplice is dying.

The two of you are in visually pathetic and horrible shape.

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